One year later-
I was dx a year ago with PAH. I have made it a year. Been thru alot of meds.
It's nice to have made it a year but its scary to think one years is over.
This past year has been a rollercoaster ride. It still hasn't settled down. Still have lots of things towork out.  I hope that I have lived more this past year then I have the last 27.

The goal is to have another year in which I can do some wonderful things. I have a few things that I have to work on, that need to be done asap!! Guess I just need to get to doing them.


  1. Anonymous22.6.12

    Glad to find your post. I have two daughters 11 & 14. Not sure the ages of your girls. Would love to send you some clothes for them. Just let me know their sizes and I'll see if we have them. Not sure how to post name as I don't know my URL.

    1. If you can get me a email I can get in contact with you or you can email me at dizzydownward@yahoo.com. They are 9 and 8... sizes jr's 9 and girls 14-16.