I am sorry for the break. It actually wasn't due to health. The computer I am now working off is very broken. I have a 3 by 3 square to work with.
I saw my doctor friday and she thinks my chest pain might be from IBS. I will start a medicine for that monday, go have a ct, and start seeing a new doctor. Yippie. I understand you should treat the issue not the pain, and I am all for that but something has to give soon! I haven't slept a full night in two weeks. I also have a new issue, I sweat. Not a litte sweat. I soak my pillow, clothes and sheets EVERY night. Not to mention I do it during the day, which I am sure is sexy. Soaking wet hair.
I will try to post more often but this computer makes me crazy so I am not sure how well it will go. If I don't get the chance: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Andrea!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Gwyn!!!!!!
Happy Father's Day to Zach and David!!!!
That should get us thru this month... oh and Happy Birthday to myself... I made it to 29.

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