Spent a busy day with the girls. We went to the park/splash pad, then to my grandmother to do crafts for VBS. It was tons of fun. But man am I useless now. I sat in the shade the whole time I was at the park. Which is kinda not fun, I wanted to go run around in the water. It was nice to watch the girls play.

There was a nice moment with my grandpa today. I was at their house and he came in from outside, stopped and asked me how I was doing today. I just nodded in my "Well I'm alive way". Instead of taking that answer he asked what it meant, he honestly for the 1st time was worried about how I felt. I love my grandpa and I know he loves me but never has he ever show that much compassion. It really made me feel better.

We are headed back to Opelika till they come up with a section 8 voucher for us. We have been approved but there is a waiting list. I figure the 1st week of June we should have one. Until then we are going back to where our stuff actually is. They will send a letter and we will have about a week to come for an appointment and get our paperwork. Then we can go apply at different apartments. It'll give us a chance to pack our stuff up and let David's mom get her house back together.

Going to watch TV with the girls. I am soooooooo ready to relax and not really think about anything.

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  1. Anonymous25.5.12

    Dad never was one for showing emotion. But he loves us.
    Sounds like a full day for you and the girls. And more to come with packing.