I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. You guys are wonderful. I have been getting lots of feed back and its very helpful. Its nice to know that people are enjoying this blog.

Happy news we got approved for section 8. Government help for housing. They give us the opportunity to find a place to live and then they help pay the rent. I am not above getting help. As far as SSDI I am not ashamed about getting it. The reason it is there if for people who can't work. If I could work I would. I find enjoyment in a job but I can not work. Physically ther is nothing that I would be able to do for full time employment. Now I am getting to spend time with my daugthers and husban, I couldn't ask for anything better.

 .                         Gwyn at her Girl Scout Ceremony.

Gwyn and Mrs Cornett.  


Rory and Nana Pam.

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  1. Anonymous25.5.12

    She has grown so much!!!