We had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday morning at Art in the Park. A local arts and crafts show. They had everything. We looked at wind chimes made out of forks and spoons. I am now on the hunt for spoons, I am going to make my own wind chimes with just spoons. We also saw a women who made journals out of old books and jewelery out of the pages and with Scrabble letters, it was really cool and looked easy. I will be seeing how easy it is. I now have TONS of new ideas. I went to the local thrift store and bought old hard cover books that intend to make into journals. I also got a bunch of uber cheap picture frames, I am not sure what I will do with them but they will be put to good use.  

Above: Rabbit- She painted this butterfly to put in the local hospital.
 Below: Pooh's painting for the local hospital.
They are to help my people happier. I have to admit that I have smiled before when being wheeled thru a hospital from seeing similar paintings.

My three most FAVORITE people EVER! They are my life.

Sunday was also wonderful. We took the girls to Church. Pooh's 1st time at the new Church. I don't think she has ever been to Methodist before. She was perfect. She sang the songs and listened. I was super proud of her, and of both my girls. They then went to lunch with their nana and I got a few hours alone with David. Its a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When they came home they had homemade cards for me. It was just nice to know they had thought about me. Such wonderful, thoughtful daughters. They are going to be some awesome people when they grow up.

Now we are waiting to hear from the food stamp office and section 8. Hopefully they will both get back to us asap. We honestly need our own place like yesterday. I would like to be out by the time our host takes his vacation in June. If not we may just have to go back to Auburn til after Pooh gets back from Georgia in July. We will just have to wait. Its been a long time waiting.


  1. Karen:

    Don't know if you've found the Facebook page for "But You Don't Look Sick..." yet. If not, I recommend you check it out. My friend, Chris Huff, started it a while back. She has Fibro and suffers chronic pain. It's a wonderful support group. Hope you find it helpful!

    1. I am apart of a group by the same name, not sure if its the same group. I am a huge fan of the 'Spoon Theory'. Its helped me explain lupus to a bunch of people. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Anonymous14.5.12

    Karen I am really enjoying the blog. I love hearing about your everyday life with those two wonderful girls.

    Love you and miss you.

  3. Anonymous15.5.12

    Just discovered your blog as I also have Lupus. Gosh you have had lots of hurdles in your life. I was wondering did you ever get approved for SSDI? What does your husband do to support your family?

  4. I did get my SSDI in Sept. after three years of fighting. My husband is my full time care giver. I was told I have about three years to live and I never know one day to the next how sick I am going to be. He tried working for just about everyone but no one can hire a person who doesn't know when he'll be able to work.

  5. Anonymous16.5.12

    Glad to hear you received your SSDI. The only good thing about waiting 3 years is you received a nice big check! My husband also takes care of me and our two daughters but just works from home. I would love to hear you talk on your blog about receiving assistance and how you feel about it. I also receive SSDI but don't share with anyone as I don't want to be judged. You are brave to share your story and your challenges. I hope you are your family have a great summer enjoying every moment together!