UGH! I am so ready to just give up. Its always something. One we gave the housing authority our new number two days ago and they called our old number. Thankful that number was still active and that someone did text me and let me know they where trying to get a hold of us. Now they need a number that we gave them once and took us a trip to Millbrook to get, that they've lost. I don't know how to get the number back. Our car will in no way make it to Millbrook again. The transmission is trying really hard to go out on in. David is having to go to the housing authority office and go thru our file to see if he can find the number. My thought is you have already called my old landlord when we applied for public housing, why can't you use that information to process our section 8? And second how do you lose a number? Why isn't it write on our application? I was feeling good about it this morning but now I am not feeling so great about it. Of course all this stress is starting to take a serious toll on my body. I have no clue what we are going to do. Just makes you want to cry, really really hard. Fingers crossed David will go up and find the number and everything will go just fine. If not, who knows. Who knows whats next. We honestly can't afford a place, we have looked and looked. No one will let us rent for what we can actually afford. Living with my in-laws isn't a big deal, is just that my in-laws live 3hours away from my daughter that is the issue. Is kicking and screaming an option?

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