I think I am becoming a cynical person. I keep getting annoyed with people who can't deal with their issues. People who over react to every little set back or change in their lives. Maybe it's easier for me since I am so young and have been sick for most of my grown up life.
I wanted to work. I wanted to have a nomal life. I wanted a life where I could have some money. I wanted something to give to my girls. I didn't get to have that life. Not even for a little while. I have never got to enjoy the comfort of knowing you have enough money all the time. I am thankful that wahat little we have we make work but this isn't the life I would have choose for myself. There is no way I could have changed my diease or how it affected me. But I don't sit around crying about it. I learned how to live my life with it. Even if it isn't the funiest or most out going life. Its what I can do with what I have.

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  1. Hey, where are the updates? Looking for them.