May is Lupus awareness month. We keep giving all these disease/disability/disorders months to which we should make extra effort to be aware of them but it doesn't seem to be working. Until I had Lupus I had no clue that May was awareness month. Now that I have it I guess I need to be helping spread the word. I need a cure as much as the next. More importantly my daughters need a cure. I also believe if you are following this blog that you know a little something about Lupus or care a bit about it. My goal this month is to tell a few people every week what Lupus is. I extend this challenge to you! Tell someone you know about Lupus. Doesn't have to be some big explanation but just make them aware of the disease. If you want to be really helpful try telling a women of childbearing years who is of a minority, since they are the ones most likely to have Lupus.

And that's the end of my PSA. I woke up today and checked my bank account, then freaked out. I was suppose to have 600 dollars in my account and it only had 101. I about lost it. We don't have a phone so I could jump on the phone and find out what happened. I spent half an hour trying to figure out where the hell my money was. That is the only income me and daddy David and Rabbit have. Then I realized that today is the 2nd, my check posts on the 3rd. AH HA! Then that also meant I got extra money this month. They are now paying for my Medicare part B. So instead of 600 a month I will now be getting 699. Happy dance. Of course I know all of you just realized that we make no were near enough to support a family of 3. This is why we need such a cheap place to rent. We can make a dollar stretch but even we can't stretch what we don't have. On the bright side we have two leads today on possible places to rent. Fingers crossed, prays sent up.

I hate my pump. One of the medications for PAH is given through a pump. The medicine causes pain, lots of pain. Eventually you 'go numb' and everything settles down. Until that happens it hurts. Makes it hard to do ANYTHING, other than lay around in pain. Even sitting here today is killing me but I can't stand being 'lazy'.

Time for school.

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