I hate my lawyer, I hate my judge. I know they don't know my personal situation but do they have to take forever. I don't see what the issue is now, before there might be some question but now it's kinda cut and dry. Arg.

So this weekend we are doing Red, White and Tuna as a fundraiser for Grandview Pine YMCA. I hope I have enough energy to make it thru. While sitting here my daughter is play "South Pacific. She is Bloody Mary... maybe we do to much theatre. Or maybe she will be an actress. I am also trying to get things together for Fiddler on the Roof. I have been worried about my ability to do it but I have to trust that I have gotten a great team together. I have to trust that they will understand when I have to lean on them more than most. I hope that all my pre-planning will make it easier for me. Its on the top of my bucket list!

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