I want to go to church. This is the second Sunday in a row that I have woken up to a totally broken body. My mind is wide awake, but the body is laying in bed unable to move. I miss the days when I could choose what I wanted to do.

I also want juice. I bought some awesome juice a few days ago. I was really looking forward to it. I get a huge glass, I know I am going to enjoy the juice. NOPE... instead it feels like someone has set my throat on fire. My stomach didn't stop hurting for an hour. The saddest part the juice tastes soooooooooo good I had to try again. Yep same result. Pain!

Rabbit got to go to a bday party yesterday. They went rollerskating. She had a blast. I was very impressed that her legs didn't her while she was going to sleep. She woke up this morning well rested and ready to go!! Couldn't ask for more. Rabbit also got a nice suprise this week. A good friend, Judi, brought her clothes, make-up and other girly things. Judi also got Rabbit a hair cut, her nails done and a teeth cleaning. It's wonderful watching Rabbit be loved by others. This newest health issue has been hard on her. She understands far beyond her age.

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