How quickly things change

I ended up in the hospital June 8th. My Rehumy had been trying to get a ct with dye, she finally sent me to the er to get it done. Well good thing she did. We didn't find any blood clots in my lungs, which at 1st sounded great. Now I would take blood clots over what they actually found out I have. Drum Roll...... I have Pulmonary Artery Hypertension. Another chronic, incurable, progressive, and ultimately deadly disorder/disease. The blood vessels that carry blood thru my lungs from my heart get hard and narrow cauing extra pressure to build up in the pulmonry artery and the right heart. Now we know whats been going on since December. There are a few options for medicaitons, not alot. The medical world is currently doing more research to find out how to slow down and hopefully reverse the damage.
Its just hard to deal with right now. I feel overwhelmed, hurt, scared and pissed. What about my girls? It is generally understood that your life expectency is shorter.

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