I got denied. Yep, according to the government I am NOT disabled. I wish someone could convince my body of that. They believe I should be able to be a 'food demonstrator'. This job means standing on your feet for 6hours straight, kneeling, cooking food on a surface that is about as big as your kitchen sink, and picking up boxes that weight up to 50lbs. Come on! Seriously, I can't even make a f-ing fist, how the hell am I suppose to work a job like that?! What pisses me off more is they don't tell me where these jobs exists. They don't tell you where you can find employers that will over look you calling in more than once a week. They don't help you find that job you can work, they just tell you that you have to. I know I can, and will, appeal. Its just such a set back. What happens while I fight this decision for the next two years? What do I do with my girls who need to be feed and taken care of? I know people abuse the system and they have to watch out for that but really does it have to be their goal to disprove EVERYONE, even those of us who honestly truly would much rather work?
All of this wonderful news was on top of a Horrible drs visit. I don't know if my dr was having an off day or what but she was not working with me. She had forgotten why she had run the CT. She forgot that we where trying to figure out if something was wrong with my heart. She was trying to get me to stop taking prednisone when I can't even tapper down past 10mg. She forgot half of what I said to her during the appointment. She forgot most of what she said she wanted to get done. I almost started crying in her office and I did scream when I got out to my car. She has changed my Imuran to Cellcept. She asked me for the 4th time what my plans for kids is, I have had my tubes tied for 5years now. Her office was Suppose to call me a month ago because my potassium was low, but no one called me and I am sure she forgot to call in the script she wanted me to take for it. She wanted me to do a 24hours urine collection but didn't give me the container. I told her I was getting out of breath and becoming dizzy at the most mundane tasks and she wanted me to go for a sleep apnea test. If someone can explain that to me I would appreciate it!
Ok... game plan time. Calling my lawyer and figuring out where we go from here. Then trying to find a new dr. Time to get someone who is as worried about my health as I am.


  1. I'm still shocked that they denied u. Wow. I work in the "food industry" I can only work 3hrs a day, 2 days a week, sometimes even that is impossible... and I'm in much better shape than u. OMG what does this mean for my future? Scary.

  2. Scream! Scream as much as you want!
    It is frustrating I know!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon and that things will work out somehow .. :)

  3. sweetie, I was denied three times and finally had to go in front of the judge, where it was given to me. Not only that, they back paid me as well to the tune of 25000! So appeal and keep appealing until you get it! I represented myself (I used to work for lawyers) and I cannot believe it that I got it but I did and you will too!

  4. Thank You guys for all the support! I have chilled out, and am waiting for my lawyer to call me. Its going to work out now or later! Now its time to just breathe.