Dr Visit

I went to a Dr visit that wasn't my own. I took David to his 1st Dr appointment in about 3years. He was having really bad stomach and chest pain. Come to find out he has MVP (Mitral Valve Prolaspe) He was put on something for his acid reflux. Maybe if that calms down then things with his heart will get better. We where relieved about the dx it was far better than what it could be.
We are also trying to move. I move alot. I would like to find one place and set up some roots. Especially once my Social Security goes into affect. Then I won't have to worry about where the rent is coming from and how the power is going to be paid. And more than that I won't worry about needing someone to come home and take care of me. I won't worry how things are going to get paid or how I am going to get to the bathroom.
Well I realized that most of this is good news. Good news is always a welcome escape.

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  1. hugs. some sugar some spice... some hope, some fear...

    i'm in your corner and i got your back. *hugs*