Reading, and Yellow Haze

" A hazy shade of spring"... I live in the south and here it SPRING! And how do we all know this, by the layer of pollen on EVERYTHING! Inculding yourself. If your car has set for more than 5mintues then your car is going to have a yellow shine. It would be beautiful if it wasn't such a headache. I mean a real headache, anyone who has allergies is under attack. Surpisingly I don't have an issue with all the yellow-ness. It doesn't bother me, other than the fact that it sticks to everything... so if you walk outside you are going to be kicking up pollen.
My favorite book series has a new book out today. I doubt I'll have the money to pick it up but I am going to try. Its book 10. So you know the author has to be doing something right to have me and most of the people I know addicted to it. If anyone is into fantasy/adventure/si-fi then the series to read is Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. It takes place in modern day Chicago. Harry Dresden, the main character, is a Wizard. Advertises in the yellow pages and everything. It has action, vampier, demons, a council of Wizards, and laws that they must follow. Its really a good page turner. Its even has a group of men who work for God.
I go for another Dr. appointment on the 13th. I almost forgot. I mean I know I have an appointment about ever 6weeks. Until something starts working, other than the prednisone. I am going to have to remind her to tell me what my CT said. She is a great Dr but she is a little ...um.. busy. So sometimes I have to remind her what we were looking for. I had it done the day before my last visit but I wasn't up for jogging her memory that day. I know that makes me a 'bad' person but sometimes you don't really want to know what the truth is. I have had really horrible news before and I wasn't in the mood for any more. I had read the report from my ER visit and if they can see how enlarged my pulmonary atery is on that then things can't be doing to good. I also need to talk to her about my eyes. I have started noticing that they don't like to focuse. The left more than the right but its gotten noticeable in the last two months. I have an eye appointment due in May. So maybe I'll just wait. Eh... No use worring about it. It will either work out or not. Thats how life always works, right?
Nothing new on my disability. My lawyer said she would be trying to find out where we are in the process, fingers crossed we know something by next month. The Dr should have already sent his report in. I would really like to know something before we move. I don't want to get all my ducks in a row and then find out that I am going to have to fight this.

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