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As I am sure some of you have figured out and I believe I have posted before I am not a Christian. I am Pagan. I do not celebrate Easter. I do not like the Easter Bunny and do not tell my daugthers he exsists. This is me and thats just how things go in my house. Its really no big deal, its the way I have been since they were born. They have great imaginations but I will not lie to them. Sorry, if this makes me a bad mommy, well then so be it.
I have a suggestion, that I think needs to be looked into. I went to the movies twice this past week. One movies was a totally awesome and everyone with kids should see it. The other SUCKED. I think there should be a SLE rating scale for movies. You know paying attention to the important things like length and how soft the seats are. Is the movie worth it, in the lupus since of things? So here is my try to this...
Clash of the Titans- 3d: 1st I can't really watch 3d, usually gives me a massive headache, which leads to stomach pain. But I was willing to over look this. Come to find out that was a bad idea. The 3d was horrible and made my head hurt more than usual. It was to fast moving. The story was oddly strung together. I would rate it 1 and half stars. Wait till it comes out in 2d on DVD. then it might be worth whatever you pay to watch it.
How to Train Your Dragon-3d: 5stars. Worth any headache or neckache... or anything. My daughter was enthralled and sat thru the whole thing. The was enough adult humor without being rude (like spongebob). I would go see this in the theatre again and can't wait to rent it.

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  1. Anonymous16.1.14

    What a horrible blog...started out bad and just got worse. Why is it that in the first sentence of your blog you felt the need to announce that you are not a Christian but pagan? I think the statement has a lot to do with why your blog is so gloomy and negative but, what does that have to do with the nature of your Lupus?
    Thousands of people with Lupus is the same as thousands of different cases of Lupus - no two are the same so I would not dare try to make an assessment of your life and living with YOUR Lupus. Perhaps your doctors have told you that you are going to die soon and that you are a "broken mommy." I truly hope this is not the case. As a person LIVING with Lupus myself, I am simply doing research on information that is out there about Lupus and I ran into your blog.
    My words to you come in peace and love; live as closely as you are able as a person who does not have this disease. The vast majority of us will live just as long as our Lupus free counterparts. As painful as my symptoms can be at times, they do not often sit me down or shut me up and if they do, I allow myself to sit down and shut up as I heal for another round of life.
    I will not let Lupus consume me. Instead I find ways, along with my doctors, to keep it at bay until there is a cure for this mysterious disease.
    Please be good to yourself and to your family - especially those little ones.


    I challenge you to look beyond what you can understand and accept and choose LIFE over death...It will be your first step toward being a testimony and getting back a quality of living that will take dying away from your mind. Begin by meditating on these words... I seek for and will accept the TRUTH...I choose to LIVE...You will reap great rewards....Blessings of good health to you.