In and Out

Screamed until my face way blue and nothing happened. On to plan B, talked to my lawyer yesterday. They haven't recieved the denial yet. I am sending them a copy of mine. They will review it and start my appeal. I have no doubt that it will work out. Just pissed that it is going to take longer than expected. But they thats the life right. Something you use to be able to do in 30mins now take 3hours.
I am staying a few weeks at Daddy Z. I wanted to see Gwyn more and this is the easiest way to do it. Then there is no having to run around and get her and take her back for bedtime. I am here 24/7. We have done homework and cooked dinner and watched movies. This weekend we are going to fix her room up. Make it all new and exciting. She's getting so big and grown up. I was framing some pictures yesterday and noticed what a difference a year makes. You blink and you miss it.
I told Daddy Z since he had to work all weekend that I would do laundry and some general house cleaning. I am off to clean!

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