Good Morning. My daughters where looking very cute this morning and I wanted to share that. I use to be a morning person, before Lupus. I use to bound out of bed with energy, ready to face my day. Now... well now I crawl out of bed (on a good day) and take a handful of pills before I even make it to the bathroom. Today I acted like my old self. I got up early and woke everyone up. Then turned some music on and cooked breakfast. The girls love when I turn the music on. Makes them feel better, happier. I even made gravy this morning. Those things that use to be nothing to do I have to celebrate. I helped pick out outfits and do hair.
I just realized that I have not eaten yet. I cooked for everyone else but usually when I do this I don't eat. Guess my blood sugar is dropping, cause I am starting to get sick. Ugh... well guess this is the blog for today. Gotta eat before I pass out.

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