Nothing like vomit

I hate Cellcept. I know that sounds mean but honestly I don't like being sick to my stomach. I hate throwing up and would really rather do just about anything else. So I started this morning. I am going to give it a week. About after an hour I started being sick and stayed sick til two hours before I had to take it again. Which really upset me. Now Its been three hours and I am getting sick again. UGH!!
I would rather have stiff joints then be sick to my tummy. Going to lay down, for the like 6th hours again. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


  1. arnold21.1.12

    Stay strong!!! Currently with my wife who's hospitalized due to complications - seems like damned if you do and damned if you dont when it comes to the lupus drug treatments...

  2. Hi my son just turned 12 months last week. I was also diagnosed with Lupus in April. As you can imagine, I am going through a lot of hell right now. I have to deal with a demanding toddler and live with all this pain. I've got very bad arhtritis, especially in my lower back. I hate the back pain. My son fell the other day. I could've stopped him from falling, but the pain in my back slowed me down. I couldn't run to his side. I hate me for being me at times. My husband doesn't understand this whole lupus thing too, and sometimes he gets annoyed at me for sleeping so much and making his mother look after my son. Your blog has inspired me. I don't feel so alone anymore. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous10.6.13

    I so feel you i am a mother of two i hate it that i feel like if i not up doing everything helping everyone I feel like a failure but i list my sister to thus stupid disease and it scares me and i lately i have been so sick at my stomach i feel like i can't take it anymoreall u want to sleep but i have to work i have dropped my hours down to thirty but sometimes i can't even get up for that