I have never in 6years said the word remission. Its never been something I thought about. I wouldn't get my hopes up that high. I have always just wanted control. Nothing to amazing just basic control. But today the thought of remission doesn't seem like such a strange idea. Maybe Cellcept is doing the job. I kinda feel like Karen, the Karen that exsisted years ago before I was prego.

I'm excited. I kinda want to go do things, but I don't want to push myself yet. Maybe if I give the medicine a little more time to really work then it will put me in remission. That word sounds like music to my ears. Wonder what my rehumy will say? I have been thinking about light weight jobs I could do. Things that I could work on for 4 to 6hours a shift and few days aweek. Thinking about going to school for events with the girls. I know, I know... getting ahead of myself. I have NEVER felt like this before, this isn't my normal good day. This is something new and different. I am almost in tears. I finally said the word I would never let myself even think, ever. REMISSION!

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  1. :)I am so pleased to hear it too!

    Be well soon, and yes, the celebration is near!