I have been MIA for a long time now. I do not have internet. Sorry just isn't one of those thing we have money for. You know rent, power, gas, food, meds... basically in that order. So I am at BAM using their internet, which is nice but I hurt. Not some stupid little pain I can ignore, no I have far far far more pain than that. I would rather be at home enjoying my new mattress cover but no I have to sit in these uncomfortable chairs until the government figures out if I am sick enough to not work. Which for the record I would rather work than not! But seeing as I guess everyone says that they don't believe me. Go Figure.
We (Me, David and Rory) are moving to Birmingham. Closer to Gwyn and my life there but far enough away to stay happy. We will be near my brother and I cant wait for that. He LOVES my girls. I know things will be fun there. But I would like to have my SSI by then so we don't have to live paycheck to paycheck.


  1. Glad to hear from you again, I was getting a little worried. Good luck on your move and I hope things work out with the SSI

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