To Be or Not To Be... Tis Nobler...

My passion is theatre. I have always had a love for the stage, and not usually to be on it. Give me a light and I am going to be the girls on the head set in the back calling all the shots. I haven't done anything for quite awhile, I've been missing it sooooooooo much!! This weekend the theatre group I am in did a main stage performance, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridge)" I only got to come in for the last week of work, which is named "Hell Week". I forgot how much I love it. And I also forgot how hard it is. I have been going non-stop for a week now. It was nice because my new Dr just put me on pain killers and steroids. So I have been ignoring the pain but it all came crashing on me today. My knee is soo swollen I'm actually worried about it, ugh. Its sitting at about twice its nomal size. I am going to give it a day for two and hope it goes down before calling the Dr.
I also got to spend the week hanging out with Pooh and Rabbit. They have been wonderful. They have gotten to hang out and play together. In fact I belive they are building a tunnel to China as I type. I hate that I have to go home tomorrow and leave Pooh for two weeks, but I am going to get her for a few days during Thanksgiving.

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