Disability Dr Visit

I think there might be a light, of course that might be the train.
The Disability Determination Specialist, who can't pronounce what is wrong with me, sent me to a Dr for a full review. Its an hour long interview and systems review. We talked and then he did a physical review. When we started he asked why I was there. I had no clue, all I knew was I got a letter and I went. At the end of the appointment he finally said he knew why I was there, because to him I was an extrem case. He hadn't seen someone with so many tigger points and he didn't even try to figure them all out. He had never seen someone so young who was totally unable to make fist. He also said I walked strange, so now I am very awear of how I walk. I feel that it may end in my face down on the sidewalk. I like him because he wasn't trying to prove me wrong, he came in with a clear mind and a list of things he needed to find out, but not disprove. His only complain was that they didn't send my blood work-up with my chart. I assume he could run his own set of blood work on the government dollor but he understands that I have to have a ton of blood work ever six weeks and it does get a little annoying to have the same test run 5000 times. Lucky for me I know the main points of my blood work-ups, because it's better to know. So I told him a general over view of what it was. He couldn't tell me one way or the other, mostly because he doesn't actually have a say so in the decision. But he asured me everything would be in his report. Now all I can hope for is my Determination Specialist taking his word for it. I will call this visit a WIN! Even if I get denied, this was worth the visit and I know I will be able to use his review on the appeal.
Heres hoping they approve me. Fingers crossed I should know something by June!!

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