Old Friend and Wonderful Weather

I went to this late lunch/early dinner with one of my best friends, Rachel, and a girl we graduated with. It had been 10years since we had seen or really talked to this old classmate. Honestly I wasn't that close in school. I wasn't close to much of anyone in our graduating class, they considered me odd, which was mostly fine. It was nice catching up. I can't wait for our 10year reunion next summer. I hope everyone comes to it. I am really interested in where everyone has ended up. Which is strange because I didn't really care where they were going when we graduated. So we had two and half hours of goofing off and telling stories. Which I found out that me and Rachel have way to many stories and tend to dominated the conversation. I guess that is the side effect of being friend for 13years.
I realized at the end of the meal that I hadn't eaten even half of what I ordered. And I didn't want to take it home. I don't know why, I'm sure the food tasted just fine. I was really not interested in it. I hate when my body does that to me. I know it sounds like I think it is intentionally doing it but you know what sometimes I wonder. I would like to have one meal where I can sit and enjoy the whole thing and eat every last bite of food on my plate. Just once I would like not to need a to-go box. Its sad the little things you miss, like eating a complete dinner. David has learned that he doesn't have to order everything he thinks he will eat because he knows half of my plate will be left. On the bright side we don't spend as much money.
I am sitting here, inside, on the computer wishing I could really be enjoying this wonderful, sunny day. Yesterday I spend 10minutes staying outside talking to Rachel and 2hours later I was covered in a rash. It burned and itched and everyone noticed it. Nothing says sexy like you chest being broke out with red bumps. Of course I am not at home and didn't bring any cream with me. So here I sit looking at the beautiful day wondering what I could do. No amount of clothing or sunblock will make it so I won't get the rash. The rash makes me miserable and have to take more prednisone, if it doesn't out right put me in the hospital. UGH! I think that is why I am starting to like winter, its to cold to think about what you are missing outside. The wind isn't calling your name, the birds are mocking you with there flight. The laughter of the kids enjoying a lazy spring day. Its enough to make a person go crazy.
OK I have complained enough for one post.

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