Board games and Pan-cakes.

Has anyone seen the commercial where the mom is making pan-cakes. For some reason evertime I think about pancakes now I hear her saying it.
We, me and Rory, are at Daddy Z's for a visit. With the SLE sometimes it is easier just to plan a week trip, instead of trying to cram everything into a weekend.
Last night both the girls where home. So we broke out the Trivial Pursuit Disney. It has questions for childern and adults. At 1st Rory was with Daddy Z and Gwyn was with me and Uncle Chris was by himself. Well somewhere in the middle Rory figured she would rather be on the 'girls' teams. So its me, Gwyn and Rory against two grown men. Of course I couldn't answer the questions, I had to help them figure them out. Rory had been quite and shy while on Daddy Z's team but once she got with me and Gwyn she came out. She watches a lot of movies, usually in the background of playing. She is alot like me, we have to have some noise. Its cute watching 5 and 6year olds explain how they see things. It was a blast and us girls ended up winning. I was suprised they made it thru a whole board game. Neither of them have long attention spans. After the game they watched Cats Don't Dance. That movie is kinda scary. I am not much into the creepy evil little girl.
This morning was wonderful. Daddy Z made pan-cakes. I provided the strawberries and whipped cream, my favorite way to eat said pan-cakes. The morning was great. We did hair and got ready for school and outings. Gwyn is in 1st grade. Rory is waiting til next year to start. I didn't want her to be the youngest in class, and I was trying to homeschool this year (since I basically had an extra year to try it out) Rory went to her father's mothers house. She is going to spend the day and come back tomorrow. This gives me a chance to recover and her a chance to see her family. I am going to try to hang out with Amy tonight. Depends on how we feel. Fingers crossed.

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