Is screaming an option?

One foot in front of the other... Just keep swimming...

I am not working... I am working... I am unable to work... so I wait my 6moths and apply again for disability. Fantastic! The brightside, if I am approved then I know Pooh will get a check every month. It may not be much for her but something, right. Issue is I don't know how long it will take to get all the paper work thru and then I will likely get denied again... which means I will have to wait for them to review it... I see this lasting awhile.

Life is good. Breathing is nice. I have lost weight, again.

My father and his wife are going to Isreal, for a religious 'journey'. I'm happy for them. I never knew that side of my father and I will admit I kinda don't want to. He wasn't a church going man when I was growing up. It is strange to see him soooooooooo involved. I have been taking more time to think about my sprituality. I'm getting there as far as that goes.

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