Here I Go!

I signed up today to be a team captain for Walk for Lupus Now in Birmingham. http://walkforlupusnow.Kintera.org/birmingham/mommysbroken
I am done sitting here! Support if you would like, it would be greatly appreciated!! You can always drop me an email for more information, dizzydownward@yahoo.com
I am applying for college, you know what I am going to do what I have wanted to do since high school. I am going to become a journalist. All of this might take a bit long but all we have is time. When it runs out no one knows, so I guess I need to do what I can while I can.
Listen to Rob Thomas' new song Her Diamonds, he says the song is about him watching his wife deal with and autoimmune disorder. I did a little looking and his wife has a rare autoimmune disease that is just life lupus.


  1. journalism is a very noble profession. I commend you, from one journalist to another :-)

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