I worked my 1st closing shift... It went well, the boys I worked with were really trying to make sure I knew how to close. I am fighting with a pinched nerve in my shoulder and the need for some new shoes... shine splints SUCK!
I am going to try to watch a movie tomorrow in the theater... The last time I tried to do this I ended the night not remembering most of it... having had like 5 seizures... Other than that I am looking forward to seeing "Twilight". I am almost done reading the book... it is a good book, kinda shallow, but good.

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  1. My wife and I are planning to see Twilight tonight. I was a fan of the Anne Rice Vampire books and I just watched the season finale of "True blood". From what I've heard, this movie is doing very well. It was sold out at our local theater on friday and saturday.