We finally have power. I am very excited about it. We spend the night decorating and cleaning. There is a few items in our fridge now. Hopefully we will be going shopping tomorrow. We are in desperate need for a couch. Some place to for me to lay down when I am not feeling well. Honestly I am in love with our house. It is small and easy to keep up with. It already feels like home.
I am going to get started on my 1st project, my wall of family photos. I have tons of scrapbook paper and such. I am really looking forward to filling the 20 picture frames I have managed to collect; and getting the huge box of pictures straightened out.
My lupus is doing alright. I can still type and that is always a good thing. I had gotten use to being on prednisone. It is usually a good thing but I end up having the worst weight gain and mood swings. I can only deal with these things for so long. That is why I am going to start tapering. What I need more than anything is health insurance. I applied for Medicate for low income families. I should be finding out within the next few weeks if I qualify for it. More important than me is that my girls get the insurance. They both need to go for visits. I feel like there is going to be an argument with a doctor about my decision to not get Rabbit immunized. I did not want either of my girls to get it done but I have no choice with Pooh. I have to find a doctor who will be willing to sign a paper saying that she can still go to school without getting them done.

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