Good News

I got a lovely comment about my blog yesterday. Wick Davis from Lupus Foundation of America wants me to link up with other lupus blogs. I am all for getting together with other lupus bloggers. I have added the LFA blogspot. Please visit this blog, it had some very education information and tons of other links.
I will be going home shortly to find out if there is power. Every one keep everything crossed. I don't know if I will be able to handle it if the power doesn't get cut on. We spent the night in the house without power because we need our own corner of the world. Sometimes its hard to stay with other people when you have to get up early to take your meds. When you have 'special' or 'unique' needs its not always easy to be around others. Even some of the closest friends don't always understand.
I got two packets from Social Security office to fill out about my disability claim. They were both long and things I remember filling out before but I guess I will keep filling them out until they give me a decision. All questions about where I have worked and how I deal with everyday life if I can't do much. I managed to get them all filled out and will be sending them back today. I am trying to stay as on top of it as possible. I don't want to mess up my own chances of getting the money I need to support my girls.

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