I am currently feeling very lost without my Internet. Can't even keep up on with my friends. I do wonder how RAD is doing. I should call her.
So the power will not be turned on till Monday. I am happy to say that no one has died yet. I am the calm center of the universe. This time it was due to the main breaker in the house being on when they came to turn it on. No one told us to be home when they came by or that they need the breaker to be off. If I had been told any of this wonderful information then I would have been home. So we will see Monday if they can turn the power on. If not I have no clue what I am going to do. I am in totally girly with drawl and Pooh starts school Wednesday.
In other news I got a tattoo done Friday night. I have had a G on my left shoulder for almost 5years now, but I finally got around to getting an L on my right shoulder. I love it. It looks wonderful. They are done in different font types but it suits the girls, they have totally different personalities.
I would like to post more but my brain is in a land far far away, one with power I hope. I am also trying to taper off my prednisone because it has reached its usefulness. I am having a hard time with it. So wish me luck that I don't go into to bad a flare.

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