We found a couch. Sometimes you take for granted the small things in life. Like the ability to lounge. Ok, so it’s not a couch, it’s a love seat. I am really short so I don’t need to much space to stretch out.
I have started a new morning routine. It is very important for me to start my day out as stress free as possible. I found some very wonderful candles at wal-mart today. One is Cyprus, you’d never think of this as something to chill out to, but it is a very mellow scent. The other is lilacs, this is the smell of my childhood. My grandmother had two lilacs bushes beside her house. I have them set in the center of the table. Light a candle and put on some music… just chill out for a bit. I hope this will also help Pooh get ready for school. Eat some nice breakfast at the table and just not have to worry about anything.

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