We Can Afford What?

Me and AK are going to head out this morning to get her all the craft things that she needs. After which I going to go over and sew up everything I was suppose to yesterday. I ended up not having the time yesterday to do everything I needed to. No biggie, there is always today to get caught up. I am going to try to have two dresses done by this afternoon, wish me luck.

We spent yesterday with some friends that we haven’t seen in months. Busy lives tend to get in the way of being able to socialize. Well I say busy lives, more often than not it is my health making me unable to get out and be the person I want to be. Good thing for me I have friends that understand my health issues and are willing to help with the really bad times. These friends are the kind that you can sit and chit chat for hours and not seem like any time has passed. She, SD, does costume picture mattes. You know the ones they use to sell that had your child’s 1st year or the school year, and such. She has offered to trade services with me, I am going to hem curtains for her daughter and she is going to make me a matte of the girls. She is also going to design my tattoo. I have the idea in my head but have no artistic ability. She, on the other hand, does. She started on it last night while I was there and it is going to look great.

We went to do our section eight yesterday and they informed us that we make almost too much to even receive any money. They believe 1/3rd of your income should go to housing/rent. This idea is fine, but when you have medical bills and unsteady income it’s really hard to make ends meet. With their help we might be able to afford something around $350.00 a month. I know this seems impossible to find but where I live it is done. We have a month to find something or else we have to re-apply. So now we are trying to figure out what is best to do. There are a lot of things in the air.

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