Go... Go... Go

Monday ended up being a busy day. I finally found someone with a sewing machine and got my 1st dress made. GO ME! It looks a bit slap dash but it was all freehand. I have already cut the fabric and pinned it for my next dress, this one I intend to sell. Some time tomorrow I plan on getting it together. Tomorrow I should have pictures of how the dress turns out. I am ready to get this project on its feet. I have my friend, AK, all ready to get her hair bows going. She was searching around online today and getting an idea for what is already out there; she wants to do things that aren’t run of the mill. She is starting out by making one that is going to be black and hot pink ribbon with a skull and crossbones accent in the middle. It just seems like the right time to get our butts in gear.

The entire situation with the girls was resolved as a general miscommunication. I am very happy about this. I want my children to be comfortable with their whole big confusing family. Lucky it was all figured out with no feelings getting hurt. Silver lining is always an added bonus.


  1. Anonymous22.7.08

    Wow, I didn't know you sewed. Does it hurt your fingers? Good luck with the business.

  2. Anonymous22.7.08

    AK cant wait to get started!!!! You are so strong and determined. I don't know how you do all that you do.
    I love you girl!