Ah... Family

The weekend ended up a disaster. We went and saw the movie, it was great. I personally didn’t even notice that it was two and half hours long. I will admit that it is not for everyone. After sitting thru the whole movie I had to ride another hour south to my mothers to pick up my youngest, Rabbit. We had planned on my grandmother bringing her back home but also per our norm plans never work out like they should. I was not upset by having to make this trip, in fact I like being able to go see my family. In doing this I stressed my body out far to much. I woke up Sunday morning a bit upset because the last thing I remembered was riding down the highway talking to Daddy Z. As I have been told I had about 5 episodes (30 to 40 seconds where I space out). I honestly have no clue what happened. The headache I kept all day Sunday convinced me something was wrong, but I am too stubborn to go to the doctor without insurance.

We had planned for my father and his wife to keep the girls for the next few days. They had called and asked if they could take the girls to Vacation Bible School at their church. I was fine with this but they live far enough away that us taking them every night was out of the question. They live close to Nana, so I asked Nana if she would available if they needed help. Nana had no problems with this. Today I find out that only one of my daughters would be spending the night and the other would be going to Nana’s ever night after VBS. This is not what I agreed to, and it upset me. I am a strong believer that if you can keep one of my girls then you should be able to keep the other one. I do understand not wanting to keep them at the same time, but if you are going to have time with one then time with the other one should be set up. It’s a simple concept that I am not going to let one of my girls be left out. I have a unique family and it is not simple but the number one priority for me is to make my girls feel comfortable wherever they are. I called my father’s wife and told her that there must have been a misunderstanding. I explained that I was under the impression that both girls would be spending the night, she said that she thought one was to go to Nana’s. I told her to think about it and that if both girls would not be spending the night at her house then I would be coming to get my daughters. I was not mean or upset, just trying to correct the misunderstanding. So we will find out tomorrow what she and my father have decided.

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