Hurry Up and Wait

My best-friend, the girls godmother, RAD has started her own blog (http://www.shoesonthedog.blogspot.com). You should check her out.

Today is going to be a test of endurance. Me, my boyfriend (Daddy Z), his best-friends (Uncle C and Uncle T) and Uncle T’s wife, JC, are all going to see Batman: The Dark Knight. We live in small town; the theatre is not worth going to. So we have to drive about 45mintues to reach a theatre I would pay money to see. After the movie we are going to the nearest mall, I mean why waste the gas and not get our money’s worth, right? Can you see where this is going? I can barely crawl out of bed some days and I am planning on spending the entire day out and about. The movie itself is two and a half hours long. Sitting for that long after sitting for an hour to get there, I doubt that I will be able to feel my legs by the time we get to the mall. This isn’t such a bad thing, if I can’t feel them they don’t hurt. Luckily this morning I rolled out of bed at 6:15 feeling wonderful. This could work to my advantage or I will be dead tired by the time we leave.

I have always been the type of person who has things planned in advance. I need to know what we are doing next weekend before this weekend is over. This has been an asset and a detrement when it comes to having kids, let alone lupus. I now plan things two or three weeks in advance, with back-up plans. Usually the back-up plans have back-up plans. You never know what might happen when you have kids. You could have been planning that trip to the Zoo for weeks and the morning you get up to go someone has a fever. Lupus is more of the same, I could have been dead set on that day at the lake, then I wake up and there is no way I could handle twenty minutes of the beach. If I am planning a big trip for the girls I always call in some help. I have a slew of people to call, who are more than willing to come help we child wrangle. Nothing is worse than getting half way thru plans and then suddenly getting hit by fatigue. I always need the assurance of a few extra hands to make the day go smoothly. With the support system my girls have, I really never have to worry

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  1. chronic chick19.7.08

    Thanks for the comments, Hope you enjoyed batman. Have a flare free day.