I have been trying to go stir-crazy. Sitting in the house all day is really hard on a person. I was telling this to my best-friend, RAD, when she suggests that I should start making dresses. I am every good at making things; it’s something that I got from my great-grandmother. I am naturally crafty. I can look at almost anything and tell you how they made it, and possible replicated it from scratch. I do not use this ability to its fullest extent. Which drives my grandmother crazy, she pays good money for things that I can make without blinking. RAD makes candles and is rather crafty herself. She is thinking about getting a booth at the next local festival, and offered to let use it with her. I had never really thought about using my craft skills to make money. I know most people would love to have a skill they could sale. I went to Wal-Mart last night and found some beautiful cotton gingham fabric. I can usually make patterns on my own but I wanted to make sure I had the sizes right so I picked up two patterns I liked. One is a smock dress, very simple and old fashion. The other is a classic, basic dress. I like both of them, thinking about making one of each and seeing how it looks. It will cost me all 5 dollar and an hour of time to finish them. I can sell them for 25 to 30 dollars. If I had a sewing machine that embroidered I could get more out of them, that whole personalized touch. I also make fleece blankies, yes blankies because blankets aren’t as cute. I have made one for each of my girls. I actually sold them one winter as Christmas gifts. My boyfriend, Daddy Z, finally found the fleece he wanted on sale. So I get to make a Yoda blankie. I will probably make it while he is at work tonight. It doesn’t require any sewing. I am tossing around the idea of making Alabama and Auburn (colleges in Alabama) ones to sell at the festival. I usually make them 3ft by 5ft then another 4 inches of fringe. They are huge and warm, perfect for fall and winter. Depending on how the festival goes I might think about making it more than just a hobby. Well guess I need to get cracking. It’s nice to have something to work towards.

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  1. I just walked across the street and they were selling basic gingham jumper things--you know one-piece that buttons around the bottom with a little bit of leg on it--not exactly a onesie. I don't have kids and the dogs don't wear them. ANYWAY--the place across the street has them on clearance for $38. Their dresses must be at least that much.