Sun and Lupus.. I mean Sand

Summer is possible the worst time for me to have lupus and kids. I cannot spend too much time in the sun, because I will break out in a horrible, itchy, red rash. It’s highly unattractive and rather painful. Any amount of skin above my waist, left out in the open will end up looking like I have the plague. Of course my children have to be the water babies. If they aren’t swimming they aren’t happy. Bathing suits thrive on using as little fabric as possible to cover the absolute minimum of skin. Luckily for me I can throw sex appeal aside, my partner would rather me fully covered then have to deal the stupid rash and my girls could really care what Mommy is wearing, ever. If I had the money I would buy one of those bathing suits that the surfers wear, the full body amour. I have looked, those things are expensive. I could not bring myself to spend that much money for something that I really will not spend that much time in; and I could just see myself trying to get in and out of the contraption, when my joints barely work to get a pull over dress on. It took a bit of thinking and searching but I decided that I would just buy men’s trunks and a t-shirt, very ingenious I know. It’s a simple solution that is very affordable. I went to K-mart, they had some really fun looking boy’s trunks. Wal-mart had some really thin cotton t-shirt, uber soft. I got a few different colors. I also wear a no-cotton bra. It really does maximize on the comfort. I am not self-conscious about every little pudge or bulge. Maybe I should start making women’s trunks.

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  1. I stand by my head-to-toe lupus suit made from reflective material.