Me and AK went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. I should never go to this store without at least 100dollars. I could have bought so many things. Their fabric section is all cute and trendy fabric. It really helped to get the creative juices flowing. I am really excited about making the dresses. I just have to make sure I make them top quality. I finally won my battle with the sewing machine. It’s wasn’t so much a battle as me finally reading all the directions and figuring out what I needed. Once me and the machine had come to an understanding all went well. One of the 1st things I want to buy, if this goes as planned, is my very own sewing machine. Sounds all old fashion but I really believe that I could benefit for one. So many people in this world take their clothes to someone to have them hemmed. Why? Who am I to argue if people would like to pay me for my ability to do it.

My lupus must be doing a little bit better than usual. I went and played tennis tonight. Alright so playing tennis consisted of me getting all excited that I didn’t end up throwing the racquet across the court; and not falling and killing myself. I believe I will pay dearly for this venture in the morning but it was so nice to break a sweat. I use to be very active and loved sports. Lupus sucks sometimes. I want to try to get in shape again, well at least a different shape than round-ish. It will all hinge on how I feel tomorrow. If I am even able to get out of the bed then I will consider it a win. I realize I am over doing it but sometimes you just have to live, and if my body is currently allowing me to do it then I will. Hopefully I will have a good enough to be able to walking some tonight and possible play more tennis. I really need to lose weight. I am at a point that I am not happy with my body or weight and I am going to try to change this.

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