Sunday, Sunday

Yesterday was a very nice day relaxing. I managed to get both the girls taken care for a few hours that morning so I could spend some time alone, more important writing. I am trying to make it a point to write about 15mintues every day to get back into the swing of things. Writing use to be my major outlet, the one thing I thought I was good at. Thru the years, and the lupus, I have stopped writing as much. Mainly because I like to use pen and paper and some days I can’t hold a pen if I wanted to; for that matter I can’t hold a spoon to feed myself. Sunday I went to the park and sat for awhile trying to slow my brain down enough to write what I think. I tend to like stream of conscious writing. I can always edit later. It’s nice to reflect on things in a peaceful setting, helps to enjoy things later.

We got some really good news about the move; the landlord wants to put more work into it. He needs about two months to get everything together. We found out we were accepted for section 8 (they give your private landlord a voucher for part of the rent). This is something we need because I am unable to work. I mean would you hire someone who can’t do any manual labor and never knows when they will be well enough to make it in. I am looking for home work but I haven’t found anything I trust yet. Even been batting around the idea for medical transcription work but you have to have some training before they will consider you. Training cost money. I would also like to spend what little energy I can find on my girls. They deserve my time more than we need extra money.

Once the girls were home I wanted to turn on some music, cook and clean. This was the perfect opportunity for the girls to show me all their new dance moves. I should have been washing a dish or two, but when you have your kids all decked out in dresses wanting to twirl around you can’t help getting sucked in. It took me back to when my mother use to play music on Sunday morning while cook breakfast. Something I want my girls to get use to, music. It was always in the background of my life. My parents love music. Until I was much older, and living with other people, did I find out not all households keep the radio turned on 24/7. Watching them be innocent, honestly enjoying dancing, made me content. Knowing they wanted nothing more out of their time then to have fun was great for the soul. Sometimes a good dose of children simplicity helps bring life into perspective.

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