Moving... Security

We are trying to plan a move. Currently we are living with friends. Which has been working but I would like the girls to have a bit more space. More important we are trying to get a place closer to His mother, Nana. That way when I am having really bad days the girls will not have to go far or stay away for long. They can always come home for bed after spending a day at Nana’s. I wouldn’t be so adamant about the move but a week ago we took the girls out for their birthdays (which are a month apart). The next day I had two seizures, leaving me unable to take care of them. Lucky enough for me our house-mates were home and did not mind watching the girls while I was out of commission. It would still be nice to have that bit of security of Nana close at hand.
During one of my seizures I ended up in the floor while my 4year old stood over me trying to get me up. When she realized something was really wrong with Mommy she went to our house-mates room and promptly told him that “Mommy is on the floor and probably dying” She wasn’t frantic or upset, just very matter-a-fact about the situation. My heart broke when I heard what she had said but I was proud of her for staying calm and getting help. They act so grown-up when it comes to mommy being broken. My usual morning starts out with hugs and “How do you feel today Mommy”

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