After looking for other lupus blog and coming up short. All the ones I have read are fantastic but none seem to speak to me and what I am looking for. I figured I would remedy this by writing my own blog. I am a young mother with two little girls. I have found being a mother a challenge, but adding to that the in-ability to do all those things that I see the other mothers do with their children made it more of a bitter-sweet endeavor then I expected. My girls mean the world to me and I want nothing more than their happiness. It’s the journey from their current young age to the age when they are independent strong women that I am worried about. I am selfish in not wanting them to resent me for being 'broken' but it is an honest emotion. I also know that I will do what I can and hope that the rest works out for their benefit. I am not in this alone; I have a wonderful boyfriend/ ex-hubby/ future hubby who is along for the ride. He has proven to be a rock and a human when it comes to me and my illness. He tries his hardest to understand how I feel about being a ‘broken’ mother but I know there are things he could not possible get. I am sure living with someone with a chronic illness is a test of endurance and understanding.
I plan on putting my everyday life and stories on here, the good, the humors, and the bitter-sweet. Hopefully I will be able to share some of the ways I have learned to cope and the successes I have.

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