I have managed to get a lovely summer cold. If I had a normal immune system then I would have a cold, it would suck but I would be over it shortly. Seeing as I do not have a normal anything I now feel like I have the flu and might die at any moment. It wouldn’t be so bad but my muscles do not think I should ever get sick, EVER. They go on strike every time I get the smallest ailment. In other news I was a productive this morning and got an appointment to start my disability determination. As of June 2008 they added a new section to the law that specifically includes SLE. I read the criteria and believe that I have a strong case. In the end all I can do is try. We need the added income.

The girls are going to be gone for the next two weeks almost. They have lots of extended family that they are close to; it is a side effect of my Lupus, that whole ‘it takes a village’. They have a village and then some. It being summer means they get to spend a weekend with this grandma, and then a week with that grandmother. Don’t get me wrong I love my daughters but I am not selfish enough to think that I am the only one who can raise them. I mean our parents did raise us and we did not turn out horrible. I will be in full girly-withdrawal by week’s end. They are a handful. Some days I cannot keep up with them at all, to be gone for a week is hard. I have to get use to not having them under foot all the time. They will be starting school in a few weeks.

We are taking this opportunity to look for a new place to rent. The one we would like to get maybe falling thru due to our new situation with the section eight. This is totally understandable but we are not going to pass up our chance to have a little help just because the place we really want to rent doesn’t accept our form of payment. We went and looked at a very nice three bedrooms, two baths, mobile home. It is huge, it has a living room, kitchen, dining room, and den. I believe this will be more than enough space for all of us and to have some friends over. The yard is spacious and shaded. I would be able to watch the girls play out back while I cooked dinner. We, of course, would have to go buy furniture.

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