It has been a long time since I have blogged. Life has been on fast forward for the past 6months. We have been homeless, taken in, found a theatre to be apart of, and starting going to church.
My lupus has been really active and I have been put on tons of meds, but we still can't get it under control. My doctor is taking forever to figure out what is currently wrong with me. I have a major issue with my breathing. I can't walk to the bathroom some days without being totally wore out. It is so hard to do what you want when you can't walk that far.

We have one more big change coming soon. Once this current school year ends I will be homeschooling. Loralie will not be attending public school next year. There are far to many benifits to homeschooling not to give it a try. It works better for both her and me. She gets the attention she needs and more importantly deserves. If I have a bad day, no biggie we lay in bed and do what we can. This way I am not missing out. I don't see why we give out kids over to total strangers and think that they can teach our kids better than we can. I was so scared that I couldn't teach Rory to read but its sad how many kids make it all the way thru school and never really learn how to read. All they manage to learn is faking it. I want to give her more opportunities. We send our kids off for 8hours a day and then still want them to extra things. They want to do dance and theatre and sports, but we have to fit these things in when they are tried and should be at home chilling out.

I guess this blog is going to kind of change. It will be my journey as a mother with lupus who is homeschooling. If we can do this, anyone can! Everyone has to do whats best for their family. This is what my family needs now.

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  1. Hi I just came across your blog and just had to say you can do this!
    I believe homeschooling will be better for you and your kids also like you said if you are having a not so good day you can chill and read together, catch a documentary, liberty kids or something educational and when you are feeling good then you guys can take far more advantage of that.

    I wish you the best of luck!!
    If you need any support please feel free to visit our blog anytime.