School Daze

Both of my daughters are in school this year. Rabbit started kindergarden and Pooh is in the second grade. They are only 13months apart in age. Pooh started school right after she turned 5. Her birthday is June 18th. My mother started me right after I turned 5 also (my bday is June 21st). Mother regreted this decision till I was in high school and finally caught up. To this day she tells me she should have kept me out one more year. Pooh was ready for school, she was open and intelligent. Rabbit was quite and shy but smart. I couldn't see throwing her to the 'wolves' right after she turned 5 (her bday is July 26th)
Well the other day I went and had teacher-parent meetings. I stay on top of everything they are doing at school. I review home work and school work every night. We practice what we learned in school. I am very active because when I was in school I had a hard time. I was slow to pick up on this, but still smart. I am dyslexic. I have worried that either of my girls will end up with this horrible disability. To this day it still drives me nuts, to be smart but unable to spell! So I put the extra effort in so the girls stay at the top of their classes. I have felt a little ashamed of keeping Rabbit out for one more year but I stood by my choice. When I went to see her teacher, she told me that her son who was born in May didn't start school till after her turned 6. I felt a rush of relife when she told me this. Wow a teacher who did the same thing I did. Rabbit is mature and well mannered and at the top of her class. She is the girl the teacher calls on for the hard jobs, like walking papers to the office. She is the one who helps the other kids out. It has given her confidence. Which is something hard to come by when your older sister is smart and bossy. Pooh's teacher adores her and vice versa. It has been one of the most positive experiances of her schooling so far. I am glad that we put her in school there. It is a smaller school, with less funding but the teachers and faculty are attentive.They all know Pooh and Rabbit. I have talk to both their teachers often. I like keeping up with everything. No just the homework but how they are acting and feeling.
Being a mom with lupus sucks for both me and the girls but it doesn't take much energy to lay on the couch and call out spelling words. Or take a book and have them read to me. We can make learning out of anything. Laying in bed having them go over work isn't to hard on me and they love any time they get to spend with me.

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