Just one of those days....

I guess I over did it yesterday. My arms hurt. My shoulders can bearly move. I had to take double my normal does of pain medications. I hate doing that but who really wants to be bedridden. Besides who is going to do Gwyn's hair if my hands don't work. She loves coming to Mommy's because Mommy does her hair extra girly.
I have a new appointment for a new Rehumy in November. I love how you have to wait forever to see someone. But maybe they will put me back on Cellcept. I am all excited about that possibility.
Going to work today and try to get everything ready for the yard sale next weekend. The 1st weekend in September is going to be hectic. Yard sale, College Football opening weekend, and David's 29th bday. I have to figure out how to get him something! I hate when bdays can't be enjoyed. I know he won't mind if we can't do anything. I just like to try and make it special.

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  1. Anonymous27.8.10

    Aww.. feel better!! I know i'm having a dickens of a time with my legs. Horrible. I understand why so many use canes, walkers and chairs. I'm so stubborn you'd have to cut my legs off to get me to use those devices. I want to walk in spite of it! I hope you get to feeling better. Hugs. Tammy