I kinda fell yesterday. Well technically I sorta threw myself in the floor. I was at a resturant that I have gone to for over 12years. Last year they had a remodel. I haven't really been there since the remodel, well they took one of the benches that filled a whole wall and replaced it with two sperate benches. Yesterday I was sitting on one of them and went to move over so someone else could sit down and well .... I ended up on the floor. I had moved my self enough to sorta throw myself into the other bench. So now my who side is killing me. If I didn't have SLE and Fibro I'm sure such a simple thing would not have hurt anywhere near as much. I was worried all night because I hit right below my rib cage, in the soft skin. I have lasted till today so I figure I didn't do any internal damage. The worst part was I knew that they had replace the bench, I had just had a conversation with the guy next to me about it missing.
The girls will be here tonight. I am going to try to cook supper. Not sure what to cook yet, whatever I choose I have to go to the store and pick up. Maybe chicken would be good. Or I could cook my lasgana. I make the most simple lasgana EVER but for some reason everyone who eats it Loves it. Its been a few months, like 6, since I've made it so I guess what would be the best thing to make. Lasgana and galic bread.
Going to see what else I can get done today.


  1. Just found your site. Sorry to hear about the fall. Talking to our kids about lupus is always difficult. It is hard to accept that mommy's lupus isn't just going to go away.

  2. Nice to meet you Jeff. I am glad you have found my website and hopefull you kind find if useful or if nothing else entertaining. How old are your children?

  3. Daddy Z31.3.10

    Lasagna was epic!!