REALLY... Seriously

Went to the doctor yesterday... Um.. now I remember why I hate going.
I know its always good to know whats going on, just because it had a name doesn't mean its going to affect me anymore or less. Now I have SLE, Fibromialgia, CREST Syndrome, and RA. My doctor was concerned that I hadn't been treated for these. None of these have cure, only treatment that MIGHT slow down the progress. I am not to happy about it all at the moment, I am sure I will come to deal with it and be just fine. Right now I am going to have my pitty party and then I will go find an lawyer to get my disability. My doctor told me that she doubted anyone would be able to work with all these together, if I had just one of them then I might be able to work. I have to stop being selfish and stubborn and get my disability to take care of my daughters. They need the money more than I need my damn pride. So... here I go... keeping my head up and putting one foot in front of the other...

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