Sun... Swimming... Sisters

I have had both Pooh and Rabbit this week. I actually got them out in the pool yesterday, by myself. It ended up hurting a little bit but was worth it. I have a feeling when I get back home I am going to sleep for two days. I miss my boyfriend, he does so much for me in the morning. Well he does a bunch for me all the time. He is coming tomorrow to spend the night. He had to work all week and has to leave early saturday to get to work.
I am taking both the girls to spend time with Daddy Z. It is Rabbit's birthday gift from Daddy Z and Gwyn. While I am up that way I am going a meeting for the Walk for Lupus Now in Birmingham, AL. My team isn't that big yet but I have plans to increase the size.
I was thinking today, I need a 'bucket list'. Not sure what is going to be on it yet,but I am going to work on my bucket list.

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