Falling Up

Well I have been doing really well. Or rather I have been doing alot. I managed to get a 40 hour work week in at work. This I am very proud of. I really never figured I would be able to do that again. I know I have been pushing it more than I should but I have goals. All was going well so go figure that I would have to trip and fall. Not a nice like stumble, no I have to take a diving crash into the hard floor. I hurt both my knees and both my shoulders, as well as every other joint in my body. I am kinda impressed with this, one fall and I completly wreck my whole body. The doctor at the ER must not care what my medical records says because he thought I would be just fine to work a nine hour shift today. I can bearly hold a cup of tea. Off to take a bath, seeing if it will help. Wish me luck.

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