At what point do you stop just trying to ignor the pain and go see a doctor. I have been dealing with tons of 'new' pains that I am not sure about but I hate going to the ER because what if its nothing. I hate the way people look at me when I am there... like "What could really be wrong with her?" I am not looking for painkiller, which is what most doctors seem to think when I come walking in. I want a cure, hell a fix, anything to make it stop that is long term. My pain threshold is totally different from a 'normal' person, so I can never really gage how much pain I'm in compared to the next guy. What i'd give for one day off 'normal' just to be able to tell how much pain I'm really in.
I have been working, it is still going wonderful. I love the people I work with and am proud of myself for being able to work at all. I've lost weight, not sure how much because no one I know owns a scale. I'd like to know, just to have that piece of mind.
I got to see my daughter friday. Her father set up a webcam so I could see her. I am thinking about getting a camera Tuesday, then she will be able to see me. I miss her so very much. I miss my Pooh more than anything, some days I can't even breath. She still isn't talking to me, which is her right she should be mad at me. One day I hope that she can forgive me but if she can't I will understand. I am going to go Christmas shopping soon. Pooh's father bought her a Wii and I am going to get some games for it. Rabbit is going to get a LARGE dragon. We found a 3ft one for her to have on her bed, when she gets home. I can't wait.

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